Pay Your Landline Bill


Your landline bill payment is just a click away with Edayzz. Trusted by over 27 million users, Edayzz is your one-stop shop for online recharge!

Paying bills every month can be a real problem at times, especially when you are running short of time or have urgent meetings. Sometimes you might even have to pay a late fee due to a missed deadline and now that you know, you are on the edge; you simply can't pay it as the bill payment office is closed. So what is the solution? Online bill payments come as a big relief! And landline bill payment is definitely not an exception.

Edayzz greatly reduces your troubles in such extreme situations. We offer landline bill payment for major service providers including Airtel landline, Tata landline, and MTNL landline.


You can save a lot of precious time by paying your landline bill with Edayzz. It is definitely more secure than paying through the mail; as your personal information is at risk of falling into wrong hands.

You could be entertaining friends, sitting in the office, travelling on vacation, or simply relaxing at home; just pick up your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, fill your basic information, and pay your bill in a jiffy!

You get an option to save your card and other personal details. This means you do not have to re-enter them every time you pay your landline bill. Most people go for this option because they trust Edayzz. In addition, you may get selected for special rewards.